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Professional Editing

There is a big difference in between structural edits, beta-readings and final proofreads and each of these are crucial for ensuring your book is in the best shape.  Our professional editing includes: Proofreading, Content Review, Editing, Indexing, Formatting, Adjusting, Semantic Flow, Rewriting, Consistent Imaging, Ghostwriting, and Structuring.  

From $35.00 per 1000 words; Synopsis $50; Bios $50+

Cover Design

The cover design is one of the most important aspects of your book is the design process of the cover, but authors also need to focus care and attention on the interior design and back-cover text layout.

Front / Back Cover with Author’s Picture, Bio, Synopsis.                                                                                 $350.00

Front & Back Cover                                             $250.00      Back Cover w/Text                                              $150.00                 


Publishing & Distribution

Book distribution is important but there are many factors that vary from book to book, and author to author, depending on your targets, and whether you want to distribute in print, ebook, or audiobook.     

eBook                           From  $459.99
Kindle                           From  $549.00
Paperback                    From   $599.00
Hardback                      From  $799.00
Audio Book                   Available Soon
Book to eCourse           
Distribution                   4/Listings Free

Book Trailers

The elements of your book trailer should be visually striking and professional. Images, video footage and music can be sourced online, and its important that they are appropriate for your work. A custom-produced book trailer will digitally highlight the themes of your book while increasing its online presence and viral potential.  

From  $50.00 per 30 seconds.

Professional Press Releases

Let’s create a “buzz” about your book.

Press Release + Optional Distribution                                                                                               From $40.00
Magazine Article Feature                     $50.00  Landing Pages + Optional Maintenance                                                                                                           From $25.00
Radio Interview                                   15-min. Free         

Marketing & Promotions

Marketing is an opportunity to fully engage your audience to fully engage in what youre trying to say as a writer, and a way to go out and fully meet your readers.  We have a number of creative ways to do with: Marketing & Promotional Materials, Author Landing Page, Social Media Promotion / Management, Radio Interviews, Featured Magazine Articles, Web Ads Book Launches, Signings, and Workshops.

 Your book, our services! 

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